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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wonderful School Visits and a Lively Cultural Fair!

The school year has started off with a bang. I've already visited a number of schools and have presented at the lively Chinese Cultural Faire held in Sacramento's historic Chinatown.  Now I'm packing my bags as I will soon head to Indonesia.  I'm presenting at and attending the Ubud Writer's Festival in Bali, doing school visits to Indonesian school and......(most importantly) spending time with my oldest son and his family and sharing in the arrival of their youngest child.  Whew! What a month! 

Below are pictures from my visit to the warm and friendly Dudley Elementary and from the lively cultural fair, as well some really sweet letters from the students of Dudley Elementary.

Thank you for the letters kids! I loved them all, even though I only posted a few!!!!! Remember, book can take you anywher.  If you send me an email about the kind of books you enjoy reading or what you are writing about and I'll promise to write you back. My email address is abowler@surewest.net.

Dear Ann Martin Bowler,
          Thank you for coming to our school today. I liked the story Adventures of the Treasure Fleet.  My favorite part is when the animals got to China. The one instrument I likes was from Java. I liked how the Emperor told us to say, "Yes, your magesty!" I also likes it when they had a celebration.
                                                              your fan,
Dear Ann Martin Bowler,
           Thank you for coming to our school toady. I thought your story was very good! You are righht, book can take you anywhere you want to go. My favorite part was when you had my teacher Ms. Wosax on the stage playing a character. That was super funny, but she did a good job, don't you think? I am very happy you came. I am typing a story on the computer now. I'm more inspired to do my story.                                                                                    Your fan, Seraiyah

Dear Annie,                                                              Thank you for coming to our school today. We really liked the story. Er liked the way you let us play with the instruments.  And we all enjoyed the play you played. We want to hear that story again! Thank you for everything!                                            
                     Sincerly, Tania                                                                                                       

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