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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

August Adventures, Part 1

Most of my writing focuses on either multicultural or environmental topics. Experiences I have had while traveling and outdoors have honestly been helpful for my writing. Thus I always have an excuse for all kinds of adventures.
The month of August has been nothing less than amazing! My husband, John, our youngest son, Jacob, and I vacationed on Bali with our oldest son, Jocean, his wife, Ayu, and their kids, Nazla and Howi for ten days. We've played and walked on bunches of awesome beaches. We considered taking up surfing. We visited inspiring Hindu temples including the famous Tanah Lot that's pictured here. We visited the Bali Bird park and saw an incredible variety of stunningly beautiful birds. We even got to hold a few of them.
I read the newly published English/Indonesian edition of my book, Gecko's Complaint, in a Periplus bookstore in Denpasar. My family was roped into helping with the reading which was a real kick. John hammed it up reading the part of the lion, Jocean was an able translator, Nazla and her cousin, Jese, played instruments, Ayu was camera woman and Howi kicked the blow-up globe across the room. All in all, one of my more memorable readings!

I feel blessed to have spent time on Bali and to have experienced its kind-hearted people, artisans working on every corner, people praying continually and its air filled with the sweet aromas of many flowers!
Even more, I was pleased to have a good amount of time with my lovely grand children!
But alas, all good things must come to an end. It was time for us to head to Jakarta.

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