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Monday, September 7, 2009

August Adventures, Part II- Jakarta, Indonesia

Jakarta is a gigantic and booming city, with remarkably congested roads. Many of its people are quite poor while others obviously have considerable wealth. Jakarta's populace strikes me as both innovative and resourceful. (Note the family of 4 on the left.) But to me, Jakarta is my son's hometown. So when I visit the city, I'm not much of a tourist. Rather, I experience the city from the home front.
This visit included a lovely celebration of Nalza's 9th birthday, with a party both at home and with her classmates at Jakarta Montessori School.
I loved reading books with two-year-old Howi. His enthusiasm for words both in both English and Indonesian was delightful. I especially enjoyed reading Richard Scarry's books with him, which were his dad's favorites as well.
I was so impressed when I visited my son Jocean's farm, which is an hour and a half south of Jakarta near the village of Cimulati. The amount of organic vegetables he now grows and sells to Jakarta restaurants is impressive. I was even more impressed by the progress he's made toward opening "Eco-Lodgica," a small farm-experience resort he and his partners have been building for the last two years. The farm is up a mountain making it pleasantly cool. It is a quiet and beautiful spot; I can't wait for it to open!
I read Gecko's Complaint in a Periplus bookstore in Jakarta. It was fun to have Jocean read the lion's part. But what made this reading extra special were the young girls who told traditional Indonesian stories to the large and interested crowd!

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